Calf milk

Animal nutrition company Brio BV supplies a range of calf milk replacer products:

Brio Black Magic
Brio Black Magic is a unique product that helps to prevent calf scours. It protects intestinal cells against pathogens and ensures that nutrients are absorbed better. Black Magic promotes both the health and the growth of the calf.

Brio Startmelk Speciaal (Brio Special Starter)

Brio Startmelk Speciaal also contains:

  • Vital Force – a natural alternative to antibiotics for bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.
  • A herbal mixture as a preventative treatment against coli and other bacteria.

This milk replacer also:

  • promotes the appetite
  • bolsters the immune system
  • stabilises the gut microbiota
  • prevents digestive issues and calf scours

Brio Groen (Brio Green)
This milk replacer contains Vital Force and is intended for the preventative treatment of bacteria and viruses. Vital Force is a natural alternative to antibiotics. It contains a high amount of easy to digest protein, and it supports the immune system and improves the vitality of newborn calves in the first weeks of life.

Brio Rood (Brio Red)
This milk replacer has been acidified to keep the pH levels low in the calves’ stomachs, which helps to prevent the growth of pathogens, as well as nutritional scours. Low pH levels in the stomach also promote digestion, as enzymes are better able to work.

Brio Big Mama XXL

This is an artificial milk replacer intended for breeding stock, rosé and fattening calves aged 0 to 3 months. It promotes strong growth tendencies.

Brio Geel (Brio Yellow)
This milk replacer contains a high level of vegetable protein, which has as its advantage that it stimulates the rumen to absorb solid roughage earlier.

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