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Animal nutrition products from Brio BV: only the best for your animals

Children are the future and that's also true of your dairy farm. Your young animals are the foundation of your company. They deserve the best care and of course, the best feed. That way, you ensure that your calves or lambs grow up to be the healthy adult animals that are the keystone of your production. Brio BV supplies animal milk powder that stimulates the health and development of your young livestock.

Winter special: keep your calves warm throughout the winter

Help your calves to stay warm on cold winter days with Brio BV's range of affordable calf blankets, available throughout the winter months. Please contact us for more information on this winter special.


Brio BV in Zeegse

Animal nutrition company Brio BV was established in 1990 as an internationally active organisation concerned with high-end animal nutrition, animal feed ingredients, and related products and specialities.

Over the years, the company's product range has expanded enormously and together with its partners, Brio has developed into a specialist in nutrition for young livestock. Our drive to provide an important contribution to the health and growth of young animals is fundamental to our organisation. We work constantly to improve and assure the quality of our animal feed, in order to supply your animals with the best milk products. We also closely collaborate with our clients and suppliers, which allows us to stay on top of the needs of dairy cattle farmers. We are always open to new ideas and developments within the animal nutrition segment.

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Animal nutrition company Brio BV
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GMP+ and QS certified

Animal nutrition company Brio BV is GMP+ certified. Our products bear the GMP+ mark of quality and meet all the quality requirements. We are also QS certified, so you can always be confident that our feed products are transported safely.